The nationwide protest over illegal immigrants this week illustrates just how split our nation has become. The divide touches political parties, other racial and ethnic groups and the 12 million illegal immigrants themselves.

A sampling of comments from around the nation shows the various views. Some Democrats think immigrants here illegally are taking jobs that used to go to poor Americans hoping to work their way up the American dream ladder. Others say the nation should take the moral high ground and grant amnesty to those who are already here.

Some Republicans are willing to overlook federal immigration laws in order to hire cheap immigrants to do jobs they say Americans will no longer take. Others want to build a fence across our southern side and hire as many agents as possible to keep our borders secure.

Immigrants who have been in the United States legally for many years have a completely different twist on the issue. Some call the illegals "agitators" and blame them for alienating Americans. Thousands of workers stayed away from their jobs Monday, forcing businesses to close.

In south Oklahoma City, a rally began in the early evening. Organizers wanted to make sure students stayed in school Monday.

Congress will be the ending point for much of the debate. A compromise will likely be a crackdown on those here with a citizenship path for them. The biggest thing we hope to see is a differentiation between "immigrants" and "illegal immigrants." We note that those opposing any type of reform measure typically characterize opponents as anti-immigration. Count us among those who support immigrants, but also believe the U.S. needs to secure it's borders and "illegal immigration" is something the country needs to halt.

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