First let us say congratulations to Lee Hall on winning her first full term as Ward 4 council woman and David Perry to earning the Ward 2 seat in Tuesday's election. We anxiously await the outcome of the too-close-to-call Ward 6 race between incumbent Bill Scanlon and challenger Elizabeth Foreman.

It was refreshing to see this year's ward elections maintain a positive tone. Candidates focused on the issues and didn't stoop to slinging mud at one another; something we wish we would see from our presidential candidates and other races coming up in the November general election. All indications are this We hope the positive vibe in the ward race continues until the April 7 runoff, and all indications are it will.

And hopefully more voters will get out for the runoff than showed up at the polls Tuesday. Norman has 71,009 registered voters, including 11,341 in Ward 6, according to the Cleveland County Election Board. Only 1,208 ballots were cast in Ward 2, or 10.6%. Not terrible, but definitely not great. Just two votes separated Scanlon and Foreman in Tuesday's election, showing how every vote does count.

Ward 2 boasted a 14.7% turnout with 1,334 of the ward's 9,054 voters hitting the polls. In Ward 4, saw 11.2% voter turnout with 886 of the ward's 7,934 registered voters casting a ballot.

On election that stood out Tuesday night was for the Robin Hill Public School Elementary District No. 16 race. Three people ran and got a total of 25 votes. One candidate did not get a single vote, meaning she did not even go to the poll to vote for herself. Looks pretty apathetic.

Get out and vote when you have the power to decide.

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