We’re elated that the city’s announced cuts to sanitation services didn’t include the current fall cleanup campaign which began this weekend. Piles of trash began accumulating on the curbs early this month and will do so each week until the service ends Oct. 23.

As some predicted, the spring cleanup was canceled after voters turned down rate increases for sanitation and water bills. Perhaps the city will hold free dump days on April Saturdays for those of us who still have some junk in the trunk.

Two things that haven’t met the budget axe are the unmanned recycling centers and the annual Hazardous Waste Disposal Day in May. The hazardous waste event allows residents to dump items like batteries, tires, electrical appliances, pesticides and paint that shouldn’t end up in the landfill.

We can handle the cutback to monthly on yard waste pickup in December, January and February. The city needs to let customers know which week they’ll pick up yard waste.

The trucks generally breeze through the neighborhoods in those months with little to pick up anyway. If you haven’t raked your leaves by then, it’s a good bet they’ve become compost for your yard.

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