With enrollment confirmation and new student enrollment taking place this week, back-to-school shopping can’t be far behind.

The state’s tax-free weekend begins this Friday morning and ends Sunday night.

An Associated Press story suggests involving kids in the process will keep a lid on shopping and teach kids to separate back-to-school needs from back-to-school wants.

They suggest five simple ways to make those shoppng trips educational.

— Make a budget and spend within that budget. Use a debit card or cash so kids can see how quickly the money goes.

— Know what you already have. Those backpacks, school shoes and supplies that made it through the year last spring may be what students need to get the year started. It’s also a good time to hand things down or give them to others.

— Separate wants from neeeds. Reward kids for having money left over and helping decide what they need from what they want.

— Get the most for your bucks. Use coupons and look for sales. Some families buy items at year-end, knowing that notebooks, pencils and binders still will be good in the fall.

— Be charitable. If your child grew out of his coat, consider donating it to a local charity. Take the kids with them when you drop the clothes off. It’s another valuable lessons learned even before class begins.

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