The Tulsa minister who took a punch during a Sunday worship service holds no hard feelings toward his attacker. The 50-year-old man was taken to jail and later to a mental treatment center in Vinita.

The Rev. Billy Joe Daughterty was struck during an alter call at the Victory Christian Center. He had just delivered a sermon about two Biblical characters being beaten and thrown in jail when the assailant came forward during the alter call. The man motioned for the pastor and then struck him, opening up a cut above Daughterty's eye that required stitches.

It turns out the man had attempted to strike evangelist Oral Roberts Jr. during a rehearsal for the "Richard Roberts Live" television show 15 years ago.

Rev. Daugherty didn't strike back. He finished the service, wiping blood off his face with a towel and then later visited his assailant to pray with him in jail.

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