State legislators overstepped their authority when they drafted policy judgments regarding labeling, packaging and lab testing of edible marijuana and processors.

A legislative working group drafted new labeling, laboratory accreditation and testing requirements for cannabinoids and terpenes.

The state Board of Health approved a news set of rules but not the ones recommended by the legislative working group.

State Attorney General Mike Hunter commended the group for drafting recommendations but said the implement reforms through new legislation. 

The legislative group went beyond its authority and appears to fly in the face of the will of the voters.

Voters approved State Question 788, which created new law legalizing medical marijuana. The proposition created a 12-member board that would create a list of food safety standards for processing and handling medical marijuana.

That’s where the standards should have been created under the authority given by the voters.

Legislators who worked to create another set of standards are dancing on a very thin line. 

If legislators wanted to be in control of the issue they should have created legislation before the state question ever made its way before voters.

Legislators had their chance to approve medical  marijuana over the course of several legislative sessions. 

They allowed it to get to a state question and must live with language and the will of the voters.

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