Public schools need to meet minimum class time requirements to be able to count the year as complete. Snow and ice tend to wreck whatever schedule administrators put together. The school year already seems to be backing up to mid-August and lasting through the Memorial Day weekend.

Norman’s five snow days to date will be made up Feb. 18, Feb. 21 and March 21. The other two days will be made up by adding 30 minutes to the school day.

Those sound reasonable. It eliminates President’s Weekend Friday and Monday holidays that have served as winter breaks for many families. The 30 minute extension could create logistical problems for some families but we’re talking about a few days, not a semester.

The snow day problem could fuel more discussion on switching over to a year-round school schedule. Administrators would have more flexibility in adding days if they didn’t have to squeeze them between September and May.

Students, teachers and parents should continue to explore online instruction for those days that the buildings have to be locked up. OU students were directed to class notes, lectures and assignments for the days that they were shut down.

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