The debate over whether cities and towns can restrict the sale of over-the-counter drugs containing pseudoephedrine will now go to the state’s Attorney General.

Rep. Mike Ritze, a physician, has requested an opinion on whether towns like Holdenville and Wagner can legally restrict such purchases. It’s all done under the auspices of preventing meth cooks from buying one of their ingredients.

But it also creates a problem for those who rely on allergy and cold medicines.

The state already requires purchasers show identification and sign for their purchases. It’s logged in real time to keep meth cooks from shopping around and buying the drugs from different pharmacies.

If we want to go city- and county-option on sales of allergy drugs, alcohol, tobacco or bagels, that ought to be voted on by all Oklahomans and then give those jurisdictions the option whether to approve it or not.

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