The warm days won’t likely last and the struggle to pay home heating bills will begin anew next month. AARP Magazine shares some good tips to squeeze all you can from fuel costs this winter.

The magazine of the American Association of Retired Persons suggests automated thermostats, higher humidities through pans of water put next to vents and unplugging of appliances while not in use.

Their panel of experts suggest attic doors be covered to prevent heat loss, showers instead of baths and refrigerator coil dusting. (Who knew you were supposed to dust back there?)

They also recommend using microwaves to re-heat food, saving up to 60 percent on fuel costs. And, for the vehicles, keep your tires inflated and buy gasoline in the late afternoon or early evening before the next delivery arrives.

A few little changes in behavior can mean big-time savings in fuel usage and in costs.

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