After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, many Americans decided to stay out of airports for fear of other attacks.

It took a few years but Americans are now back to traveling in pre-Sept. 11 numbers. They're not having the best of experiences, according to a survey put out by university researchers.

Passenger complaints increased 17 percent last year over 2004, according to an Associated Press account of the survey. Much of the criticism involves lost baggage, delayed flights and airport strandings.

Some delays are way beyond the airlines' control. Weather cancellations and delays back up flights around the country.

The study noted airlines now have 200,000 fewer employees than they did before the terrorist attacks. They are also dealing with security delays that didn't exist before the attacks.

Southwest Airlines, a no-frills carrier that prides itself on being on time, had the lowest rate of complaints. US Airways had the highest number.

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