The invitation and acceptance of Texas Christian University to the Big 12 Conference is a sensible and logistically good move. The purple-colored Horned Frogs that currently are part of the Mountain West Conference will officially join the Big 12 on July 1, 2012. They were the last team to beat the Sooners on Owen Field, winning 17-10 on Sept. 3, 2005.

They were headed to the Big East Conference, but have now decided to stay within the reach of some southwest neighbors. It gives the Big 12 more of the Dallas metro market, albeit Texas alumni already are well represented in Dallas and Fort Worth.

The proximity to other Big 12 teams makes TCU a logical member of the conference. It lessens travel time for the student athletes and Oklahoma fans and opens new travel venues.

TCU recently began making major improvements to the west side of its football stadium in Fort Worth and now will begin on the east side.

Attention now shifts northeast to Missouri, the team that pledged to stay with the Big 12 last month but currently is making eyes at the Southeastern Conference, where Texas A&M has landed. If they bolt, it’ll be back to the committee to line up at least 10 teams for the 2012 season.

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