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The Tulsa Teachers Credit Union branch on West Okmulgee Avenue discovered multiple "shimmer" devices on their ATMs Thursday, according to police reports. 

Whether the city of McAlester should help private businesses secure loans for expansion is a question that's been presented to two city bodies — the McAlester City Council and the newly-formed Local Economic Advancement and Development Committee.

Republic Bank & Trust will merge with Armstrong Bank early next year, pending standard regulatory approvals, according to a news release. The merged operation will operate as Armstrong Bank.


Yet Another Crisis

Every day in Washington, D.C., seems to bring new crises to defuse. One of the next ones on the list is the upcoming need to raise the debt ceiling before the government runs out of money to pay the nation's bills. Without action, the government is anticipated to run out of money in early October.

Once again, one group is asking for clean legislation to raise the debt ceiling, while others threaten to use the debt ceiling bill as leverage to promote other legislative goals. The novel twist this time is that Republicans are fighting other Republicans.

At first glance, this may seem like more partisan Washington nonsense that doesn't affect you personally. The partisan and nonsense part may be correct, depending on your political leanings – but the effects of a failure to raise the debt ceiling can lead all the way to your pocketbook.

Who Gets Left Out?

Keep in mind that raising the debt ceiling does not a...

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BOSTON — A new federal rule that would stop banks and other companies from using fine print to block legal action against them by consumers is hitting stiff resistance from the financial industry and GOP-controlled Congress.

The Transcript editorial board believes it’s important for Cleveland County residents to pay close attention to the ongoing dispute between Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester and Cleveland County Commissioners Rod Cleveland, Darry Stacy and Harold Haralson.