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Anyone who is unsure about whether there is a clear case of impeachment regarding President Donald Trump must take into account what that July 25 phone call - which initiated the impeachment inquiry - means in terms of a president who has turned the White House into a mob mentality that serves Trump at the expense of the country.

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Cornell's Thomas Pepinsky1 in Politico describes the rancor between parties and philosophical differences on presidential authority versus the rule of law as a political cleavage shaking the foundation of the role of government.

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Recently released campaign finance reports show the 93 Republicans in the Legislature who are up for re-election next year have built a total campaign war chest of over $2 million, or an average of about $22,800 each, as of Sept. 30.  

Access to information these days is easier than ever, but that doesn't always mean the information is accurate. Some officials in Washington and social media tech giants are addressing the problem, with the 2020 presidential election nearing ever closer.