Almost 48 hours after the worst loss of Southmoore's season, coach Wes Brown was still upset. The 90-45 thrashing by Midwest City in the Regional championship was still in his system. He just doesn't know how much it the loss bothered his team.

"I hope they are embarrassed by what they did Saturday night and it might motivate them to play harder," Brown said. "Me personally, it would upset me. But some guys, if they don't I'm starting to wonder whether they care or not. If they don't care, they will go back out and play the same way. It's up to them. Depends on how big their heart is and how much pride they have in themselves."

The No. 12 SaberCats (18-6) take the floor again Friday when they face Lawton High in the Area Tournament at Edmond Memorial. If they lose, the Cats season will end much earlier than expected after going to the state tournament last season. But Brown said this team is a long way from the one that went to state.

"We are still lazy," Brown said. "We just didn't play hard. We got outplayed. If we don't care enough to play harder than that, then it's going to be over Friday night. It's up to them if they think they can get away with playing that way and have a chance to win, then they are totally wrong."

According to junior Brandon Lucas, the players did learn from their last game and know exactly what went wrong against the Bombers.

"Our intensity wasn't there," Lucas said. "We really weren't prepared. The leadership, nobody wanted to step up and say anything. We have to have that in the next two games."

The Wolverines (13-12) are also coming off a tough loss. They fell 53-39 to No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe. On the season, they have not fared well against teams in the top-10 with a 1-5 record.

But Brown knows LHS is a dangerous squad with a talented point guard. They have the ability to give the SaberCats trouble

During practice this week, the coaching staff hopes to get a glimpse of the fire the team had earlier in the season. If not, and they come out with a repeat performance from Midwest City, they will be handing in their uniforms the next day.

"They are going to have to show me that they care and that they are willing to work hard," Brown said. "And that they want to win. Right now I question a lot of that. They are going to have to prove to me in practice by getting out and working hard and once again showing that they care."

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