Two years ago, Moore High did the impossible. Despite an average regular season, they went on an improbable run through the postseason and landed in the state championship game.

While the Lions didn't win the title, their performance can serve as an example to all three area baseball teams as they enter their postseason march. MHS, Westmoore and Southmoore each have put together decent regular seasons but have higher aspirations for themselves during the playoffs.

"If we compete and execute at the plate, we will have a good chance to win the regional," Westmoore coach Kevin Winterrowd said. "And if we do not, it is going to be very tough."

The No. 10 Jaguars (18-18) face Edmond North (11-19) at 4 p.m. today at Putnam City North in the first rounds of the PC North Regional. This will be the first matchup of the season between the two teams.

If Westmoore is to make a serious run at the regional title and advance, Winterrowd knows the offense must produce.

"We have pitched and played good defense most of the year and I expect us to do the same at the regional," Winterrowd said. "If we have even an average offense, I feel like we have a great chance to win the regional. We have not been very good offensively at time this year and very inconsistent, so our bats will likely determine our fate."

The No. 14 SaberCats (17-18) take on Putnam City (15-16) in the Edmond Santa Fe Regional at 4 p.m. today. The Cats thrashed PC 9-3 last month in their only matchup this year.

If Southmoore gets past Putnam City, they will most likely have to take on No. 2 Santa Fe. They will have to be at their best to make it past the Wolves.

"We have to be able to hit with men in scoring position," Shannon Enfield said. "We are a good defensive club with adequate pitching. Edmond Santa Fe is far and away the best team on the west side of the state and arguably the best team in the state. We will have to pitch as well as we have all year and also get a little luck. Hopefully, they will overlook us."

Besides Holden Collins, the Cats pitching rotation is a young group. Enfield will need them all to raise their level of play. Last year, that didn't happen.

"We are confident we can win, last year we were not," Enfield said. "We have beaten two of the eight regional hosts so I think the players know we are capable. Plus, we have six players who have played in the playoffs before. Last year we had none."

No. 19 Moore (14-17) travels to Yukon and will face No. 12 Norman North (19-16) at 4 p.m.

The Lions and Timberwolves know each other well. In a span of four days last month, they played each other three times. North won the last two.

Coach David Hinckley said this year's team has characteristics of the one he took the title game. But they haven't proven it consistently on the field.

"It's similar," Hinckley said. "Then, right at the end, the team got on a run before season ended. This team has not gotten that momentum yet. But we know we can beat Norman North. We know we have a good chance to compete with Yukon as well. So we are excited. We think this is a regional we can go win."

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